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St. Francis Friary,  Los Angeles, CA



Brother Antonio, SSF a priest from the diocese of Tokyo, took his first profession in 1975 with the European Province and was transferred to the Province of the Americas in 1981. After he lived at San Damiano Friary in San Francisco for twenty four years, he responded to a call from Brazil in 2005. He worked at the parish of St. John's Church in Sao Paulo for two years, then he returned to Little Portion Friary on Long Island and worked there for six and a half years. Since he moved to St. Francis Friary in Los Angeles in September 2013, he enjoys the semi tropical weather, plants and flowers around there. He attends the Sunday service at All Saints' Church, Highland Park and during the week he engages in the inner city community works with “Little Tokyo Service Center - Helping People, Building Community” and “Keiro Senior Health Care - Keiro Retirement Home and Keiro Nursing Home.”



Brother Ambrose Cristobal, SSF is the Guardian of Saint Francis Friary and has also recently joined the chaplaincy ministry at LAC USC Hospital.  He is planning to take the third unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program at Good Samaritan Hospital in this autumn.  He visits the cathedral center twice a week for bookkeeping work under the supervision of Ms. Clare Zabala, diocesan Missions Coordinator.  He is also engaged in the ministry of St. Mary’s, Mariposa which is Japanese-American origin congregation.





Brother Ivanildo, SSF comes to the United States from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  He transferred to Little Portion in 2013 from St. Francis Friary in Los Angeles.  He was very active in Brazil and in L.A. as a priest working within the Spanish-speaking community.  He is available to visit parishes in the diocese and celebrate and preach at the Eucharist from time to time, as well as offer Quiet Days and Retreats.  Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, he continues to study English as a Second Language, and enjoys “surfing the net.”




San Damiano Friary, San Francisco, CA


Brother Jude is currently the Minister Provincial of the Province and lives at San Damiano Friary in San Franciso, where he has been for the past ten years since he transferred from the European Province. He trained in Zurich and London as a Jungian Analyst and has a small private practice working with people who do not have resources to afford this work. He is a spiritual director, facilitates groups and training for people in the ordination process. He also works for the San Francisco Night Ministry as a Night Minister on the streets from 10pm - 4am; he trains and supervises all the crisis line counselors who answer the phones during the night. He is associate priest at the Church of the Advent of Christ the King in San Francisco and in his spare times repairs and restores old clocks.



Brother Robert Hughm, SSF was born in England and ordained in the Church of England, where he served for ten years as a parish priest in the industrial northeast before becoming a friar of SSF in 1964. In 1967 he came to the US on a 'short-term exchange visit of a year or so', and is still here, based at San Damiano Friary. Having served over the years as Novice Guardian, Guardian, and Provincial Minister, his ministry has since then been primarily one of proclamation of the Gospel through preaching, retreats, workshops etc. He has offered ministry in all 50 States, in most of the Provinces of Canada, in seven Caribbean countries, and across Australia and New Zealand. He has led diocesan clergy retreats in thirty Anglican dioceses, and has been Lenten Missioner in a dozen Episcopal dioceses, as well as for a Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. His workshops have included "Spirituality as the Key to Evangelism'; "Expand ing our Spiritual Boundaries : New Paradigms for Faith"; Liberation through a Spiritual Discipline"; "Stewardship as Covenant ; "The Seven Joys of Francis"; and "Making Room: for God; for our true self; for others as they really are; for the Church."  Brother Robert is available to offer such programs for dioceses, parishes, campus ministries etc. His e-mail address is



Brother  Leo Anthony, SSF is a Canadian from St. John, New Brunswick who joined the Society of Saint Francis in 1972 in Brisbane, Australia at Brookfield Friary. While at Brookfield Brother Leo completed his novitiate and was director for 10 years at Morris House, a halfway house for juvenile delinquents. He served on several missions to the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea teaching novices at the School of St. Francis, a school founded by the brothers in Papua New Guinea.  He left Brisbane in 1983 to serve as the Guardian of St. Francis Friary in Auckland, New Zealand.  Brother Leo continued tutoring novices, served as assistant chaplain at King School for Boys, served as spiritual director for both clergy and laypersons, and led many retreats as well as missionary work in Fiji and Tonga.   After 6 years he was called to SSF’s House of Divine Compassion in Plaistow, England where he simultaneously served as chaplain at the local hospital and with Brother Julian’s ministry “Helping Hands,” helping those most in need in the Plaistow area – a ministry still operated today by Brother Julian.  After spending 5 years in England he returned to New Zealand and served as Guardian of a new house in Brisbane, Australia at St. Philip & St. James the Apostle Parish where he served as a parish administrator and worked in various capacities within the community in the parish.  After being away from North America for 41 years, at the age of 60, Leo requested to be sent to the Province of the Americas to be closer to his family in Canada. Settling in at Little Portion Friary his ministry continued teaching novices, running the bookshop, cooking and spiritual direction.  In 2010 he was appointed to St. Clare House in Berkeley, California where he served as sacristan and as a spiritual director, as well as recovering from his own ill health. In May of 2012 St. Clare House closed and Leo moved to San Damiano Friary in San Francisco. He now serves as the Novice Master and lecturer, as a spiritual director, and has spent the last year recovering from the amputation of his top right foot.  He is very happy to serve as the Minister asks of him.




Brother Clark Berge, SSF is the Minister General of the Society of St. Francis. He was professed in 1993. While he travels nearly 11 months of the year, he still counts Little Portion Friary as his home.  To find out where he might be at any given moment or to get an idea about his adventures with the brothers, visit his blog:








Brother Juniper SSF returns to Little Portion Friary where he first met the Brothers as an Inquirer, having spent many 
opportunities visiting and getting to know the Brothers.  Most recently, Juniper was living with the Brothers at San Damiano Friary in San Francisco, where he began his Novitiate and early formation.  Born and raised in Ohio, he spent just shy of 30 years living in Washington DC prior to community.  Juniper looks forward to being back with his Brothers at Little Portion Friary and exploring new expressions of formation and ministry.






Brother Damien Joseph SSF came to the Society in 2015.  Born and raised in Pennsylvania, he has worked in counseling most                                                                                                                                             of his life, including psychiatric crisis, additions, and youth work in both church and community settings. Most recently he was a counselor in the Pennsylvania state prison system. He is father to two adult sons, and is "PopPop" to a gorgeous young granddaughter.  He has begun his ministries with San Francisco Night Ministry, and with the unsheltered populations of Golden Gate Park and other areas of the city.






Desmond Alban has recently arrived in San Francisco from the UK where he joined the brothers of the European Province in 1993.    For the last few years he has served as Novice Guardian in that province and has come to America for the same role. Prior to that he was Provincial Secretary.  Before joining the brothers Desmond was for six years a High School science teacher, specialising in Physics and also some Astronomy teaching, during which time he first came to SSF through the Third Order.   He has lived in a variety of Friaries in the UK, though the bulk of his time has been at Alnmouth, a picturesque house on the English coast with an extensive guest ministry, and Birminghham, on a run-down social housing estate near the edge of the city, where he was much involved in youth work and in schools.  He also travelled around the UK on other engagements and was a member of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York’s College of Evangelists. He enjoys music, particularly liturgical singing, and has very occasionally written hymns or poems.





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